June 20, 2014

Last day of DL passes

Sadly, our passes have expired.  But what a fun year it's been!  We went over 20 times in a year.  I'd say we got our monies worth for sure.  The day before they expired the kids and I went one last time. I thought with it being the beginning of summer and grad nights for some it would be miserably crowded, but we were pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it got back at night, but we were there from morning until about 3:00 and it was fine.  We got to ride about 11 rides.  Not too shabby!

 Avery's been wanting to meet Elsa and Anna for awhile now, so we did it just for her, much to Devin's dismay. :) 
 And we did the canoes for the first time ever.  I have never, in my entire life, done the canoes.  It was the perfect day to do them because the weather was overcast and nice. I do believe I have been on every single ride now that we did this.  :)
Goodbye Disneyland.  We will miss you so much.  I just can't get over how much it is to go now.  I'm not sure when we'll ever get back.  But we have great memories for sure!

June 18, 2014

Justin's 8th Grade Promotion

Annnnnnd....he's off to high school!!!  I am so not ready for this.  It was a great promotion.  My parents came out and we got to cheer as his name was read.  Just look at this handsome kid.  Love him so much!  Congrats, Justin!

 To celebrate Kirk and I took him to lunch of his choice.  He chose Red Lobster.  He's such a shrimp fan.  He enjoyed every bite.  :)

Avery's Promotion! (she's smart too!)

On the first Thursday of June Avery promoted out of 5th grade! She's going on to middle school.  Yikes! Here she is receiving her Promotion certificate from her teacher, Mrs. Dietterle.

 And here she is standing to be recognized for Principal's Honor Roll - all A's again!  So stinking proud of her! She really wanted those A's. :)
 Some of the boys from her church class.

Justin's a smart boy!

The week before promotion Justin's school had their 8th grade awards ceremony and Justin received 2! One for honor roll and one Presidents Award!  Go Justin! Devin had a game and since Kirk was a coach, he couldn't come.  But Avery and I supported him and screamed and yelled.  So proud of this young man!
 For the schools 10 year anniversary they had the kids each make a tile that will live forever on their grounds.  Avery will get to see Justin's next year.  :)

 Receiving his honor roll award
 Receiving his Presidents Award.

Memorial Day

 Guess where we went  on Memorial Day!  ;)  Kirk chose to work thinking it would be too busy and he hates it when it's that busy and Justin chose not to go again, so just the 3 of us went and the crowds were great! No traffic getting there, no lines to park and no lines to get in.  Amazing! It was great up until about 3:00, which is when we decided to leave.  Super fun day!

 Devin couldn't have been any happier that I had picked up Subway to pack for lunch.  He had been craving it for a long time and couldn't wait for that first bite.  Silly kid.

End of Spring Break...out of order

This is out of order.  Oops!  I forgot to post what we did the last week of Spring Break.  Justin didn't want to go and then got the opportunity to go to an Angels game with his friend.  But the other 2 kids and I went to Disneyland and then stayed at my parents.  It was a great time on both accounts!  And when we left, we took a detour over to see Kirk's mom at her assisted living place. :)

This picture below is Devin and Grandpa Winn playing a game of get the ball in the bucket.  Devin kept score.  :)

Last date day at Disneyland :(

During May we did one last double date with the Chases to Disneyland (I went one more time with just Jolene to shop :)  ).  They were already there, so we met up with them.  Didn't do many rides, but we had a great time, as always.  Left and went to El Torito for lunch before heading home to pick kids up from school.  Going to miss these date days so much!

Roadshow 2014

This is the only picture I got during Justin's Road Show.  Our ward did "Despicable Three" and so they were all Minions.  This picture is when some of them come out to the audience to dance while singing and Justin got Avery up to dance too.  They did a great job!