April 11, 2014


First semester awards were given out in January and both Devin and Avery were chosen. (not all kids get awards anymore).  Devin's was for 'Spectacular Citizenship' (our little rule follower....at school, anyway...:)   ) and Avery got Principal's Honor Roll - all A's!  Smart girl!  So proud of our munkins!

Devin with Mrs. Hayes
Avery with Mrs. Dietterle
 Both grandma's came to support them.  Lucky kids!


At the end of January Devin earned his Bobcat!

4 day weekend

 We had a 4 day weekend in January and decided to try camping at a new place - Guajome, in Oceanside.  Just a 10 minute drive to the beach.  It was a nice place with a lake, lots of little hiking trails and a good atmosphere.
 Taking a walk and found this neat little trail.
 The kids enjoyed riding down this hill on their bikes.
 Just chillin' out.
 On Saturday we went to the beach. It started out kind of chilly, but ended up being a beautiful day!
 It's hard to see, but these are all of Devin's sandmen he made.  It took him about an hour an a half. Kept him quite busy.
 Oops.  Let me back up.  Saturday morning was baseball assessments, so we drove back home for that before going to the beach.
 Haley enjoyed coming too.
 Walking around the lake
 Riding down the big hill again.
 Saturday night we invited our friends (Devin's best friend, Jack and his family) to come have dinner and smores with us.  It was a very nice evening. This is Leah below with Avery.
 Jack and Devin
 Kerry and Charlie giving Haley some love.
 It was a fun long weekend.  We really do have a great time camping!