November 30, 2012

AGW 2012

We had our bi-annual All Girl Weekend in Vegas a few weeks ago.  We were VERY small in numbers this time.  It was just my mom, Sandi, Linda and Sandi's daughter, Jessica, joined us for the first time (she is 21 this year!).  I didn't bring my camera and the pictures my mom took with her iPad and sent me won't post for some reason.  Maddening.  Not that we took a lot, but there were a few.  We stayed at Sam's Town in Henderson again because we had such fond memories of hanging out in the atrium area in years past.  This year it was smokey and didn't have the same feel.  Not sure if we remembered it right or not.  The five of us stayed in the same room for the 3 nights and had a nice time.  Didn't do a whole lot.  We went and saw where Pawn Stars in filmed, went to Hoover Dam and hung out a lot in the room and visited.  It was a nice weekend get-away (wish I had pictures ;))

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