March 17, 2013

Avery's 10!

Avery's birthday was last month and since it was her even year she got to have a birthday party with her friends.  She chose to take 3 friends (cousin Lexi and twin friends Ella and Carly) to an indoor tramoline park near us.  They bounced and got very sweaty for almost 2 hours.   Then it was time to come back to the house to have pizza, open gifts and have cake.  She wanted a sherbet cake, so I made it and it was a hit.  I believe she had a very fun birthday!  :)


 Grandma Sumida even got out of the house and came with us!

 Justin and Devin playing dodge ball

 What a sweet brother.  He gave her $10 of his own money!

 Heart shaped Papa Murphy's - the perk of having your birthday on Valentine's Day.


Donna said...

Happy happy birthday to Avery!

Linda Liebhardt said...

Tell me how you made your sherbet cake?
And Happy Birthday, Avery (a month and a half late!) ha.