July 3, 2013

Summer Pismo Beach Trip!

Two weeks after the kids got out of school it was finally time for our trip to Pismo Beach - our favorite place, of course!  We got the best site we've ever gotten - right next to one of the parks!  It seriously made the trip all that much better, which is hard to do in the first place because just being there is heaven.  :)
 We went to the pool only once while there and it wasn't until about the 3rd day, I think.  I just took this picture on a random walk.
 The beautiful sunset one evening.
 Ever since we started vacationing in Pismo I've wanted to take this picture and it finally happened!
 Just relaxing in one of our new recliners.  Ah, the life!
 The kids set up a duct tape wallet and snow cone stand and got some good business. Probably could have made so much more money had they done it for longer.  The weather was amazing!
 Getting some business.
 Wouldn't be the same without Kirk sweeping the mat. :)
 Walking to one of the favorite spots of ours, the trees.
 My favorite picture of the trip.  She looks so cool, right?
 Our favorite place for clam chowder in bread bowls.  YUM!
 One of the days we went to Avila Beach for the first time.  It was WINDY, but we got to see some cute sea lions swimming around the pier.
 Poor Avery.  I had her come sit next to me for this picture and had no idea she was scared until I saw this picture and asked.  She thought the wind might knock her off the pier!
 Relaxing around camp.
 Playing at the park.
 One of the only places I know of that you can actually drive along the beach.
 Tried a new beach on Friday - Shell Beach.  Haley had a great time (although, this black dog got pretty dominant with her and I think she was a little taken aback).
 One side was sandy and the other was tide pools.  Kind of cool!
 Another view of our camp site.
 Out taking a walk.  Made them pose for another picture.  :)
 Kirk enjoying a LITTLE snack.  Ha!
 On our last day we went to main street and walked around and then went to the beach.  It was the only day it was overcast.  We seriously had amazing weather the entire time!
 Stopped in for some giant cinnamon rolls.
 Justin and I took a walk by ourselves.
 Last night of campfire and smores.  :(
 Had great neighbors and Devin and this little guy, Grant became fast friends and hung out 
every day.  :) 
It was a GREAT trip and we were sad to go, as always.  Can't wait to go back!!!


Donna said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Linda Liebhardt said...

Devin and picture with his friend reminds me of a book we have called "Alexander and the little while friends." He'd like it.