January 16, 2013

Big Bear

On the last weekend of the year we were invited up to our friends (the Paulsen's) cabin in Big Bear.  Kirk had to work on Friday and I had to do sharing time at church on Sunday, so we decided to go up just for the day on Saturday.  I had looked at the weather report and there was only a 10% chance of snow.  We left at about 9:00 that morning and were disappointed the closer we got to their cabin because of the lack of snow.  There was enough for the kids to play around outside in, but I had pictured there being much more since it had snowed earlier in the week.  We were in charge of lunch and had brought Papa Murphy's, so when we got there we heated it up while the kids played around.  We then noticed it was starting to snow!  After lunch we headed out to a place Carly noticed had a good amount of snow and would be great for sledding.  By the time we got there it was snowing really good. And snowing it kept on doing...for hours.  It was a blast!  Sledding was so much fun and the fact that it snowed really good was icing on the cake.  It ended up snowing so much we got stuck for the night.  It was too late to go out and get chains, so we spent the night and the next morning Brian took Kirk to Kmart to get some, but it still wasn't going to be in time to get to church, so we stayed, went to the ward up there and then headed down the mountain.  It was such a fun and unexpected weekend!
 This picture was SOOOOO funny in real life!  That is Avery getting a face full of snow.  The poor thing was not happy and it stung, but darn, it was funny!
 Avery's bright red face after getting hit in the face with snow.
 Devin also got plastered.  Check out his nostrils!
 Brian had to stop Kirk coming down the hill before he plowed into a fence.
 Fun icicles found on this bench.
 Some other friends from the ward, the Lowes, were up there for the week too, so they came over for dinner.
 Silly kids went and scooped up snow from outside to eat.
 Putting the chains on.


Donna said...

that looks like so much fun... but wait, I HATE to be cold, so maybe fun for the kids...but not so much for me!

Linda Liebhardt said...

I can't believe how well-equipped with snow gear your cali-family is! What a blast. Lots of friends and fun memories. I have a good recipe for "snow Ice Cream" next time you have the hankerin'.