September 5, 2013

Days 12 thru 14 - homeward bound

Friday morning, we woke up and left by 9:00 to pick up Kirk from the airport in Colorado Springs so he could drive back with us.  His flight was an hour late, but still got in by about 11:00, I think.  We drove to Denver, stopped to see the temple and had lunch.
 Then we headed to Grand Junction, which took us through the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  What an incredible drive!  So majestic!  Of course it rained a good amount of the drive like every day since we got to CO, but still beautiful! We stopped in Vail to look around a bit and dreamed of vacationing there someday.  
 We got into Grand Junction that evening around 6:00 or so, checked into our nicest hotel room of the trip and went to dinner and explore a bit.  The next morning, Saturday, we got up and walked down the street to a souvenir shop to find something for Justin and came across this random bike statue.
 Soon it was time to head for Vegas, but stop along the way to see Linda and my old friend, Ken.
 Ken lives in St. George, but happened to be in Richfield for a meeting for work at Home Depot, so we stopped on our way to say hi just in case we missed him for dinner that night.  It was great to see him after 20+ years!  We did get to have dinner with he and his family in St. George later, though, which was very nice.
 Stopped for about an hour to see Linda and family in Cedar City.  Always nice to visit with them.
 Hit Vegas around 7:00 or so, checked into our hotel and stayed there.  The next morning, Sunday, we went to do the strip for a bit before heading home.  Of course, we had to do the M&M Factory.  It's a must see every time.
 And the Coca Cola Store.
Got to my parents about 5:00 or so, had dinner and headed back home.  Remember, Kirk had to pick up  his truck because they had taken him to the airport. 3,200 miles! What an amazing adventure we had!  Best trip ever!  So much fun, I just can really describe it.  I hope we can all remember all the fun things we did and the experiences we had.  If only we could do a trip like this every year!  :)  Until next time...

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