September 7, 2013

Weekend getaway to Mission Bay

Mark and Sylvia very generously sent us away for the weekend to Mission Bay a week and a half after we got back from Colorado.  We tell them over and over they don't need to do that and we are happy to take care of their mom, but they do it anyway.  So very sweet!  And we had the best time!  We stayed at the Hilton right on the bay and it was a true resort.  
We left right after school on Friday, got there, checked in and went to dinner.  Then headed over to the pool.  Just look at how gorgeous! 
 This was the view from our room.
 And we got to enjoy the fireworks from Sea World each night from our balcony.  Bonus!
 Saturday morning we went from a walk along the bay.
 Stopped at the park for a minute...
 And then went to lunch at OB Noodle House in Ocean Beach that was highlighted on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Avery and Devin had Jack in the Box.  It was yummy!
 Our room
 After lunch we headed to the bay and rented a kayak and paddle board for a couple of hours.  They had a blast!
 We invited our camping buddies, the Forrest's, out for the afternoon and they got there around 3:00.  It was a lot of fun.
 Headed over to the pool when we got tired of the bay.
 Ended the day with dinner at Chili's.  Fun day!
 Sunday morning we headed to the pool for an hour before we checked out.  
 One last picture from our balcony and then it was check out time.
What a great weekend!  Thank you to Mark and Sylvia!  It felt like we were at some exotic Caribbean island resort!  

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